Happiness in a Cup

The holidays may be over, but I will be smiling about these hot cocoa sessions for a while! All of the babies that came to visit were so adorable! The best part is that there was no liquid! I did some research regarding using liquid in the cup, but was a bit concerned when I learned that some babies were getting bladder infections from it. I was also uncomfortable to use liquid which can be unsafe for babies in general (drowning). I am a new mom to a son who is 7 months, and want him to be safe! Also, another positive to not using liquid is that I was able to get newborns in the cup as well!

You may be wondering what I did to achieve such an adorable and popular session. I bought a planter from At Home, threw a blanket at the bottom for cushion and support, added brown silk fabric, and a roll of candy cane striped wrapping paper. Oh! I can't forget the most important part--- a cute baby!!!

This set was so popular. It was perfect for siblings to join is as well. One of my little client's photos even made our local news! I am already so excited to host these again this year!