Why Every Mom Needs a Mommy and Me Session

As moms, we are always taking a million pictures of our kids. We take out our phone and get pictures of them eating, playing, coloring, walking, and pretty much just breathing. After I had my son, the gallery on my phone became filled with pictures of him. I also take pictures of him with Dad and other family. It has taken me almost a year to truly realize that I have almost no pictures of him and I. That is for quite a few reasons...

1. I am with him the most.

2. I feel to self conscience to even be in photos

3. No one seems to take pictures of us.

When it was time for us to stop breastfeeding, I am so glad that I took the time to ask my husband to take a few pictures of us. I turned these into fine art portraits and got them printed on canvas. I am soooo happy that I did. After that, I realized how important it is to take Mommy and Me portraits!

Scheduling a photo session with a professional photographer is also a great way to help you get photos that you love!

Mommy and Me Portraits
Mommy and Me Portrait
Mommy and Me Portrait